The Opposites of Unity

by diNMachine

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Immediately engaging and deeply enjoyable, yet never afraid to challenge listeners’ notions of “pop”, on The Opposites of Unity (out 01.22.16 on Greedy Dilettante Records) diNMachine combs the background radiation of the last fifty years of underground radio, piecing together a post-modern mosaic with a playfully irreverent spirit.

With diNMachine, award-winning and critically acclaimed composer and sound artist Michael J. Schumacher – “mijosc” – realizes a long-deferred goal: fusing the thrall of rock with the soundscapes and structures that engage his mind as a composer.

diNMachine makes amoebic dance-rock that references the twitchy funk of the no-wave movement, the transcendent and glitchy textures from every era and strain of electronic music and the compositional qualities of classical music, with flourishes pulled from music – and sounds – from across the globe. Its soundscapes, evocative and conceptual, touch upon landmark movements and moments in literature, cinema, philosophy and history.

“eW.A.F.T. is based on a song by Earth, Wind & Fire,” explains mijosc. “I took the song and distilled it, so to speak, into a string “pad” by running the EW&F recording through software called Melodyne. Then I added a beat and a bass track and the band started jamming to it.” In Jabbr Wawky, field recordings (billiards, ping pong, car horns, an auctioneer, etc.) are treated like percussion samples, while Give & Go captures the sound of sneakers and ball on asphalt at an outdoor basketball game in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. “The bass line is very hard to play and tries to capture the hyper-activity of a quasi-pickup game like this was” says mijosc. “The action was fluid and stuttery at the same time. The last part of the song is like the slowing down of the mind of the shooter as he zones in, shuts out distractions and preps his shot. It's time slowing down, then...Two!”

Brisé, written for choreographer Liz Gerring, features bits of glass, hanging like a mobile from strings, for part of the percussion track, the recording of waves (recorded on a trip to San Francisco), and a field recording of children in a playground in Berlin. Dbl Trbl is mijosc’s take on Latin music. The tune is a line dance, people front to back, snaking around the dance floor, but one that takes a few left turns, ending up with a killer jam featuring Oz Noy on guitar. Fawcett is a “walking song”, the bass meandering through an imaginary countryside. Every now and then it pauses and “listens” to the droning sound of nature, drifts off into a dream, then comes out of it and proceeds...onwards?

mijosc is diNMachine’s primary creative force: conceptualist, composer and arranger. Nisi Jacobs is his partner and a key element within the band: bass player, percussionist and video artist. Drummer Hari Ganglberger’s command of a diverse array of genres makes him an essential component to the artistic dialogue. Guitarist Alejandro Flórez, from Bogota, combines mastery of Jazz, rock and “free” idioms with a sensibility formed by the folk traditions of Columbia. Michael Evans (percussionist) and Brian Lawlor (bass and keys), recently joined the band and round out this group of intrepid sonic explorers.

diNMachine also has an ongoing collaboration with rapper Black Saturn, whose words are heard on Jabbr Wawky and who recently performed with the band at Le Poisson Rouge in New York.

Together they craft unique art that isn’t formulaic, that plays with structure, pop references, instrumentation and listeners’ expectations; that’s cinematic, but doesn’t lock you into a straightforward narrative. “I want people to listen to the whole record, not as a “concept album”, but as a set of explorations that compose a journey,” explains mijosc. “The title refers somewhat jokingly to the idea of Heraclitus, who believed that the universe is both in constant flux and always the same. So the “opposites” in the title are what constitute the unity of the record. I’m hoping that, despite the variety of approaches, listeners will sense a unifying voice underlying the songs; not a brand, more a spirit.”


released January 22, 2016

diNMachine is
mijosc: composer, keys
Alejandro Florez: guitar
Hari Ganglberger: drums
Nisi Jacobs: bass
Brian Lawler: bass, keys
Michael Evans: percussion

Oz Noy: guitar
Chris Terry: bass
Tim Keiper: percussion
Ned "Black Saturn" Jackson: lyrics

produced by mijosc
production assistance by Chris Butler & Garrett Frierson
mixed by Marcelo Añez
"Brisé" mixed by mijosc
mastered by Scott Hull @ Masterdisk
art and design by Matthew Egan
Greedy Dilettante Record
© & ℗ 2015 Michael J. Schumacher



all rights reserved


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diNMachine New York, New York

diNMachine makes amoebic dance-rock referencing the twitchy funk of the no-wave movement, transcendent glitchy textures from electronic music & global rhythms.
greedy dilettante records
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